Hello, I’m Charity, and I am a licensed psychologist. Most who come to this page are looking to find out if there is help, and if I am the right person to offer that help. Thank you for taking a few moments to familiarize yourself with my practice.

I specialize in providing psychotherapy and counseling services to adults and adolescents. Particular conditions that I treat include anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Additionally, I have expertise in providing counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities including the autism spectrum. I also have expertise in working with individuals suffering from addiction, or family members/friends that are attempting to support someone with an addictive disorder.

Most people seeking my services have already attempted to solve their problems by whatever means are available to them. Many also have a fairly clear idea of what the problem is, and what would help. They come to me because they are having trouble taking action and need assistance in removing the obstacles to taking needed action.

Because of this, I see the therapist/client relationship as a partnership that involves defining the problem, understanding the obstacles to healing, and providing support in helping my client reach his or her highest and best potential.

I believe that emotional struggles are multi-faceted, and generally are caused by a combination of biology, personal experiences, as well as environmental and interpersonal causalities. Because I believe in multiple causalities, I believe that the solution to the problem requires more than just symptom management, but also uncovering and solving the root causes of the problem.